The Episcopal Church

The most significant aspect of our church is our commitment to Jesus which we share with all Christians, but below are three aspects of our Episcopal tradition that are important for us at Holy Family.

We have Bishops

The word "episcopal" means bishops. A bishop in The Episcopal Church is the chief pastor of a particular geographical area called a diocese. Holy Family is part of the Diocese of Texas, and our bishop is Andy Doyle. As the bishop he oversees the priests and deacons that serve in the churches, schools, hospitals, and other ministries throughout this area. Bishop Doyle also maintains relationships with other bishops from dioceses both in the United States and in other countries like Malawi, Argentina, England, Australia, South Korea, and so many more across the globe. This network of bishops allows us as a group to address the global concerns of the world and yet still attend to our neighbors down the street.

Everybody has Work

Each and every Christian is called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to engage in ministry in this world and to participate in the life of the Church. Part of a church's purpose is to help people discern what God wants them to do and equip them to go and do it. Since its founding in 1789, The Episcopal Church has a long history of equipping people and sending them out to diverse ministries from sharing the good news of Jesus in foreign lands to feeding people in the local community and so much more. We want to continue that tradition at Holy Family and form people who will join God's mission of love and reconciliation in this world.

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) has been around for almost 500 years, and it contains prayers that date back to the earliest centuries of Christianity. These prayers are placed together into services that guide our worship of God. The BCP has worship services for the end of the night before bed, weddings, illnesses, adoption of children, regular Sunday worship, and many other times and occasions. The Book of Common Prayer has gone through numerous updates, translations, and reconfigurations to lead diverse communities of Christians in worship. Our most recent edition of the BCP in The Episcopal Church was approved in 1979 and guides our worshiping life today.