Model for Birthing our Church

  • Grow Relationships

    Family is about relationships with others, and that is no different for Holy Family. Relationships are the core of who we are. We will devote time and energy to meeting people, hearing their stories, and understanding their lives, and we will be authentic about who we are as followers of Jesus. We will forgive the wrongs committed against us and confess our sins against those we harm. We will serve others with love while graciously receiving the service others give to us. Through that mutual sharing of words and gifts and service, bonds form and relationships grow.

  • Form Missional Communities

    From the relationships that develop, small communities will be formed where people pray together, support  and disciple one another in their lives as Jesus followers, and serve together. These missional communities will be the main way for people to get connected with Holy Family. 
  • Gather as a church

    Once we have multiple missional communities, we will start a weekly rhythm of coming together as a church to worship God. This pattern of worshiping God will strengthen us for our common life as we return week after week to be refreshed and reminded of God's love and grace for all people.

  • Birth new churches

    As we baptize and disciple people, we will send them out to start new communities of followers of Jesus that God may be glorified and more people come to know the transforming love of Jesus.