PLedge campaign for 2022

Every year as part of the planning and budgeting process for the next year, Holy Family engages in a pledge drive. Every member of Holy Family discerns and considers what God is asking them to do with the money they have, and what portion of their money they should give to support the ministry and mission of Jesus at Holy Family. By all of us providing money from what we have, we can collectively carryout the ministry of Holy Family. Below you will find our pledge form that you can fill out which we ask that you to complete by November 15. Below you can also see the pledge that our priest John and his family are making for 2022.

FAQs about Giving and Pledging

1. What does Holy Family do with the money it receives? 

The Diocese of Texas provides much of the financial support for Holy Family as it begins its life and ministry. Eventually the financial support from our diocese will stop, and Holy Family will have to support itself 100% with the giving of its members. The money given now by members will be added to the money that our dioceses gives us. This money is used to pay for all the costs of the ministry that Holy Family does. This includes renting space to meet, software, salary of our priest, the service activities we do, and so much more!

2. Why does Holy Family do a pledge drive?

Pledging allows the leadership of Holy Family to plan for the coming year by creating a budget to carry out the mission of Holy Family to form communities of Jesus followers who sacrificially love their neighbors. Pledging is an important planning tool for the church. A pledge drive also gives the members of Holy Family an opportunity to discern about what they are doing with all of their money and how they can intentionally be using that money to respond to God's calling on their lives.

3. Can I update or change my pledge?

Yes, you can! A pledge to Holy Family is not a contract. It is your plan of what you intend to financially give to the church. The church understands that circumstances in life change which cause people to reconsider what they are giving. If someone loses their job, then that will probably impact their ability to give during the time they are unemployed. Please contact us if you need to change or update your pledge at any time.

4. Who will see my pledge? 

Our priest John and diocesan staff that help with the finances for Holy Family will see your pledge. Diocesan financial staff will see it as part of their ministry in keeping track of our finances of the church. John will see it as part of his ministry in pastoring the members of the congregation and administering the organization of the church.

Please contact our priest John if you have any other questions or concerns about giving or pledging at Holy Family.

Our priest John and his family are pledging to give Holy Family $9,400 next year for 2022. You can click through the slides below to see the income for John and his family and how they discerned to spend money for next year. If you have any questions for John, he would be glad to talk with you about his finances and giving.